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Maroma Mexico - Maroma Resort and Spa in Mexico

Signature Spa Treatments

The flora in the Yucatan Peninsula has over 2000 species of plants, and about 250 of these species are for medical purpose. The Mayas had specific techniques to heal their bodies and cleanse their souls, these methods have been passed on from generation to generation.

At Kinan Spa we have created rituals and treatments based on herbs and plants grown in our garden or pure organic products to help in the relaxation and detoxification of body and soul.

Kinan Ritual
You are cleansed through the humble power of local herbs that are infused into hot sheets that are wrapped around your body. The combination of heat and herbs helps draw unwanted toxins to the skin’s surface. Next is a full body exfoliation with local honey and salt. Be ready to receive a vigorous four hand massage and feel the powers of Kinan Spa. This Kinan spiritual, physical and mental ritual cleanses and renews.

Ask to have it done at your Sian Nah palapa and you will experience a complete different world at the moment you start feeling the breeze and listening to the ocean while you’re having one of the most incredible spa services you’ve ever had.

The Mayan Temazcal is similar to a North American Indian sweat lodge where heated volcanic rocks are doused with herb infused water to create aromatic and healing steam. Offered at dusk, this ritualistic treatment weaves together ancient traditions, chants and meditation.  This experience leaves an overall feeling of cleanliness, calm and inner peace.

Temazcal of Sacred Love
Mystical romantic - That is another option for those couples wishing to have a spiritual Mayan ceremony and reverence to love. This Temazcal ceremony is filled with ancient symbolism to unite the couple spiritually with the universe and mother nature, giving you energy.
This is the perfect ritual for weddings, honeymooners, anniversary or any other couples’ celebration…

Aphrodisiac’s Chocolate Invigoration
For couples only
Abandon yourself to this chocolate invigoration.  Let us take you and your partner to a place of internal heat and chocolaty aromas. We begin by exfoliating the entire body with natural cocoa leaving you ready for a purely smooth chocolate immersion. Your body is massaged with the finest chocolate warmed and then gently wrapped, so you feel the heat! The treatment is complete with a massage using 100% pure chocolate and coconut crème. Our Aphrodisiac Invigoration leaves you and your partner ready to experience the magic of Maroma. 
Fruit of Gods – The Acai Body Treatment
Acai berry, pronounced ah-sigh-ee, is a highly nutritious purple colored fruit indigenous to the Amazon rainforests of South America. Despite being a little berry, the Acai is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods found in the world today. It is renowned for its highly effective weight loss properties and anti-oxidants; spectacular treatment with amazing results, this particular treatment includes a bowl of delicious Acai to detox.

Through gentle rocking movements and stretching in our meditation pool, this treatment allows both physical and emotional blockage to be gently released.  Each session takes place in warm, chest-high water and involves a series of flowing, dance-like movements.  Allow yourself to be nurtured and healed through this very tender, yet powerful water massage.

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