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Maroma Mexico - Maroma Resort and Spa in Mexico

Natural Wonders

Sian Ka’an  - 5th Century Maya named this incredible protected biosphere reserve “Where the Sky is Born”. Covering over 1/3 million acres of land, it is located in Southern Quintana Roo, about 1½ hours from Maroma by car. 

A wide variety of wetlands, tropical forests, savannas, mangrove forests, coastal dunes, reef lagoons and coral reef, comprise this is home to over 360 species of animals, including birds, jaguars, pumas ocelots, margays, jaguarundi, monkeys, crocodiles and many more.

Cenotes - The ancient Mayans called these steep-walled natural springs leading to vast subterranean chambers "dznot" which was mispronounced "cenote" by Spanish conquistadors.

The Mayans regarded cenotes as sacred and believed these mysterious deep reservoirs were magical windows to the underworld. Apart from providing a stable source of fresh water, some cenotes were specifically used by the Mayans for human sacrifices to Chaq, their rain god. 

There are many cenotes located within a short drive from Maroma where you can enjoy a unique swimming experience.

Botanical Gardens  - Named after Alfredo Barera, this beautiful spot is minutes from Puerto Morelos and features many different exotic species of plants and flowers displayed in the natural surroundings of the tropical jungle and rainforest.

Xel-Ha  - Mayan for “Where the water comes in” Xel-Ha functioned as a port and trading station from 250-1500 AD and probably also served as an embarkation point for crossings to Cozumel. It is basically a network of coastal channels and lagoons, and locals claim it is the greatest natural aquarium in the world. 

The many waterways are a mix of freshwater springs and salt water and surrounded by jungle. It also includes an archaeological site with many structures similar to those found at Tulum. 

Visitors can enjoy one of the most breathtaking snorkeling experiences available, encountering an unlimited variety of tropical fish in one of the crystal clear lagoons. (1 hour south of Maroma)

Aktun Chen -  Translates to “underground water” from the Mayan, Aktun is comprised of spectacular underground caverns and a cenote, which until recently were only known to the local chicle tree workers who used the caves for shelter in bad weather. 

Now visitors can take a one-hour guided walking tour, featuring amazing stalactites and stalagmites, and winding up at an amazingly beautiful deep green cenote, which is 12 meters deep. 

Back on the surface, the ecological preserve of native trees and animals will continue to divert and entertain during the walk back to the parking area.


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